Thyroid Treatment: Causes & Natural Remedy for Thyroid Malfunction

Thyroid is very severe and life long disease and those who suffer from Thyroid malfunction knows the extent to which it can harm our body and killing the metabolism totally. Somehow the nature has made women more prone to Thyroid problems and women over the age of 35 years are likely to show thyroid disorder symptoms. This however does not mean that men are safe from thyroid malfunction. Thyroid disorder can effect men at any age and they should also be cautious of there imbalanced thyroid levels.

Thyroid Treatment: Causes & Natural Remedy for Thyroid Malfunction

Thyroid Treatment: Causes & Natural Remedy for Thyroid Malfunction

30 million Americans have thyroid disorder, while half of patients with the condition are not diagnosed. Women are ten times more prone to thyroid problems.

— Study by American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

One should immediately check the thyroid levels immediately if you one notices the following conditions and symptoms

Thyroid Disorder Symptoms

  • You feel exhausted very soon and even after simple daily tasks
  • You feel nervous and impatient often over petty issues and big issues takes a toll on you
  • Your interest in food goes down and you notice a change in your appetite
  • You don’t have interest in sex or sexual activities
  • You have dry skin
  • Women can have irregular menstrual cycle and painful menses
  • You have constant pain in joints and muscles
  • You have constant high blood pressure levels too
  • Your body temperature fluctuates and you may feel hot and cold at the same time
  • You have uncomfortable sensation on the neck
  • You often have sleepless nights and the sleep get disturbed too easily
  • Your hair thins out
  • Women have problem in conceiving and have there chances of pregnancy decreases
  • You have high cholesterol levels

If you notice any of symptoms above chances are that you may be suffering from Thyroid disorder and a quick blood test would clarify the situation and you opt for medical advice immediately.

Natural Remedy for Thyroid Disorder

There are many remedy for thyroid disorder.  However what we bring to you today is an age old natural remedy for thyroid malfunction which has shown positive results in controlling the thyroid levels in human body be it men or women.

How to cure Thyroid Naturally 

All you would require is the following items to cure thyroid naturally

  • 40 Green walnuts
  • 1 Kg Honey (Organic honey would be the best to use in this remedy)
  • Glass jar (for storage purpose)

Preparation of Thyroid Remedy Naturally

All you need to to do is first wash the walnuts, and dry them. Later you should prick it with fork or knife on very area or you may cut them into thin pieces. Put the thinly cut walnuts in to glass jar and cover it with honey. Cap the jar with muslin cloth and tie the coth sround the neck of the glass jar, and keep it under sun for 40- 50 days. Strain the liquid out of it and store it in another glass jar. You should have this liquid every day in the morning. Remember to  have this liquid of honey and walnut daily and notice the results in few weeks time.

There is always one thing to note that in order to have proper thyroid levels you thyroid glands need to function properly. Due to the lifestyle that we have adopted these days the functioning of each organ of body has gone haywire and to bring it back to normal one needs to understand the a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits can cure most of the diseases that we witness each day.

Adopt a healthy culture and inspire others around you to have have a healthy lifestyle to have a disease free body that one can live with.

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