Ayurvedic Remedies for Tuberculosis: Symptom & Treatment for Tuberculosis

Walnuts for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the most common diseases that people are suffering from. TB is usually caused by a bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis(M Tuberculosis). Roughly 1/3rd of World’s Population is effected by M. Tuberculosis. However not all infections with M. tuberculosis cause TB disease. Tuberculosis infection damages lungs, and also affects intestines, bones, and brain.

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How to Lose Thigh Weight ?

Losing Thigh Fat

Bulky Thighs are a cause of concern for many. Women especially experience fat thighs rather than men. But this does not mean that men can take the condition of fat in the thigh easily. There are some simple ways to lose thigh weight.  There are some basic procedures to be followed to have those toned […]

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