Get to Know the Various Types of Handicap Bets in a Soccer Sportsbook

Football is a sport that has the biggest fans in the world. This makes soccer the most popular sportsbook for bettors. By presenting exciting games and astonishing actions the green court maestros amazed their fans, especially when the match matched two big teams. Both as spectators and as football bettors always give their own excitement when you watch a match or place a bet on the match. In Pkv Online sportsbook betting, the following types of bets are often found; Over / Under, Odd / Even, Handicap, Outrights, etc. Every bet has characteristics and rules for playing so make sure you understand how to play before you decide to bet. Next we will discuss types of handicap bets, how to play them and tricks in playing this type of bet.

Types of Handicap Betting

There are 2 types of handicap bets that are generally available on the market, namely;

  • European Handicap; In European handicap betting types, betting options include Home, Draw and Away.
  • Asian Handicap; In Asian handicap betting types, betting options include Home and Away only, however Asian handicaps are unique in providing Voor, for example: 0.25, 0.75. This makes Asian Handicap bets preferred over European Handicap bets.

The following is an explanation of the “Voor” amount given on the type of handicap bet;

  1. Handicap Voor Betting 0

This means that no score is given, when the match starts the bet score between the teams counts 0 vs 0.

  1. Handicap Voor bets are 0.25 / ¼

This means that when the match starts the team that gives Voor 0.25 is left behind with that score, if the match ends in a draw (0-0, 1-1, etc.) then the team that gives voor will be declared lost, as well as those of you who choose to bet on the team that give voor.

  1. Handicap Voor bets 0.50 / ½

Almost the same as the explanation of the 2nd point only this time the voor given is greater that 0.50

  1. Handicap Voor bets are 0.75 / ¾

Almost the same as the explanation of the 2nd point only this time the bigger voor given is 0.75

  1. Handicap Voor bet 1 point

This means that the team gives a score of 1 point, usually a score of up to 1 point is given when the winning team is against a non-seeded team.

  1. Voor with nominal above 3 points

Very rarely there is a Voor with a nominal above 4, unless the opponents who meet are really very weak, for example when the Brazilian national team against the Faroe Islands national team.

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