5 Best Home Remedies and Exercises for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common problem that old people are experiencing these days, especially they experience deep pain during winters . It is because of the bone structure that weakens with the age . It is not so that knee pain is only a problem with old people , it can be experienced by people of all ages but the cause of it may vary from person to person. As for older people, knee pain is the cause of wear and tear of the bone structure , but for youngsters it may be due to fracture or injuries

Knee Pain
Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Pain :

  • Accidental Injuries : ¬†Sometimes injuries occurred during accidents becomes worse with time and causes severe pain afterwards .
  • Jerks : Sudden jerks on knees or activities which results in pressurising knees are the cause of knee pain.
  • Joint Infection : Infection of the joints due to Neisseria gonorrhoeae may be the reason for knee pain
  • Arthritis : When there is an overuse of knee cartilage , it leads to condition called arthritis , which is more common in old people.

Symptoms to look for :


  • Pain in the joints
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Difficulty in walking as well as standing
  • Difficulty in bending knees

What are the risk factors for Knee Pain ?

  • Any change in the life style, be it your way of walking or bending may be a risk factor for knee pain.
  • Increased weight is also a risk factor as the entire weight of the body has to be balanced by the legs and it will pose great pressure on the knees.
  • Whenever extreme pressure is made or there is an overuse of the joints whenever you perform activities like jogging or kneeling, it results in wear and tear of cartilage which results in knee pain.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain :

#1: Remedies using Ginger

  • Take 2 cups of water in a basin
  • Put it on gas
  • Let it boil
  • Add a small piece of ginger to it
  • Steep it until the water reduces to half the original quantity
  • Strain it
  • Add 1 tsp of honey to it for taste
  • Have it
  • Repeat this process thrice a day

#2: Remedy using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Put 1 glass of water on gas
  • Let it be warm
  • Strain it
  • Add 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to it
  • Mix well
  • Have it
  • Repeat this process twice a day

#3: Remedy using Turmeric

  • Put 1 glass of milk on gas
  • Let it be warm
  • Strain it
  • Add some turmeric powder to it
  • Mix well
  • Drink it at night

#4: Remedy using Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
  • Take some Fenugreek Seeds
  • Grind them to make powder
  • Sore it in a bottle
  • Take some powder
  • Pour few drops of water in it
  • Mix well
  • Apply the paste over the affected knee area
  • Leave it for half an hour
  • Rinse off with warm water

#5: Remedy using Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil
Mustard Oil
  • Take a basin
  • Pour some oil in it
  • Put it on gas
  • Let it boil
  • Add 2 chopped garlic pieces to it
  • Fry them to form brownish colour
  • Strain it
  • Allow it to cool at room temperature
  • Massage the affected area with it gently and slowly
  • Put hot water bottle over the area
  • Repeat this process daily

Knee Exercises :

It is always advised to practice exercises regularly in order to keep the body fit , same goes with our knees. It needs proper exercise to be in good health. Even if you are suffering from knee pain, you need to practice exercises till the point it doesn’t cause you discomfort and pain. The best considered exercise is : walking and doing some household work. You can go out for walk in morning as well as evening. Besides this , you can involve yourself in some household activity but remember not to exert extreme pressure on your knees.

There are 3 commonly practised knee exercises . They are :

1. The Leg Stretch  :


  • Sit on the floor
  • Put your hands on the floor and your legs stretched
  • Try bending your legs balancing yourself on your hands
  • Do it for 5 sec
  • Relax
  • Repeat the process 4-5 times

2. The Leg Raise :

leg raise

  • Lay on the floor
  • Keep your body straight
  • Lift up your legs slowly to few inches
  • Bring them down slowly
  • Repeat this process 3-4 times

3. The Hamstring Stretch :

The Hamstring Stretch
The Hamstring Stretch
  • Lie on the floor
  • Bend your knees
  • Lift one leg
  • Bring your knee closer to your chest
  • Let it hold there for 60 sec
  • Lower your leg back on the floor
  • Repeat the same with another knee

Exercises to be Avoided :

  • Avoid exercises that poses extreme pressure on your knees like playing basketball and tennis
  • Avoid exercises that involves continuous or jerk full jumping

What to do before and after exercising ?

Before exercising , you must

  • Take a heat pack
  • Put it over the affected area
  • Let it sit for about 20 min
  • Remove it
  • Start exercising

After exercising , you must

  • Take some ice cubes
  • Put it in ice bag
  • Apply it over the affected area
  • Let it sit for about 15-20 min
  • Remove it

Here is a video illustrating some knee exercises . Do watch it out :

image credits: wikihow, thestretchinginstitute 

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