Every body wants to have a flat or perfectly shaped belly but all those difficult and time consuming exercises decreases the morale . Apart from exersices there are other options to. You can easily reduce your belly or stomach fat without even attempting all those crunches or sit-ups. Have a look below.

Reduce belly fat

Reduce belly fat

Tips for reducing belly fat:

  • Correct your posture-  If you spend more time in sitting in front of computers or stand sit or move in a lazy way often with your shoulders and head bent forward, Chances of your stomach stinking out increases. Because of the fact that you leave your tummy loose it starts bulging up which is the first step towards having a demritorious tummy. Always remember to sit in a good and straight posture with straight back, chin up and  in a comfortable position.
    Stretching exersices

    Stretching exersices

    Walk correctly and do not bend forward. Take care of your body position for a fit and flatter stomach.

  • Important stretching exercise– For reducing the belly fat it is very important to opt for stretching exercises rather than any other.Try to pull your back and stomach at the back side so that stomach can be stretch easily. There are numbers of yoga breathing exercises which helps in reducing belly fat if done regularly for 15 minutes a day.
  • Try walking instead of driving- It is recommended to opt stairs rather than lifts. Cycling, walking or skipping are some of the best ways which helps in reducing the belly fat. Always try walking instead of driving.
Perfect body shape

Perfect body shape


Stomach fat is nothing but the result of uneven distribution of fat in the body, so do not think it is because of obesity or weight gain. Just by taking little care and trying out these remedies will sought out the  problem. You will be surely loosing some extra fat from your tummy!


“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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