5 important nutrients for women health

A balanced and healthy diet is very essential for women’s health. Nutrients plays an important part in day to day life. Correct amount of nutrients must be known in order to maintain health and fitness. healthy eating keeps various health problems like diabetes, cholesterol, blood sugar at a distance place.

Women's health
Women's health


Here are 5 essential nutrients according to their per day consumption. Prepare a healthy and proper diet chart for yourself keeping proper amount in mind. It must be make sure that proper amount of Calcium, Fiber, Potassium, Magnesium and vitamins are there in your meals.

Experts says that when some of the women are unable to take the proper amount of nutrients they can opt for supplements like multivitamin capsules but if the per day consumptions of nutrients are fulfilled they reduces danger of many health problems like cancer and heart problems.

5 essential nutrient elements according to per day consumption-

  • Calcium– 1000 milligrams of calcium per day is necessary for women. Those who are above the age of 50 needs 1200 milligram per day.

Needed for-  strong bones and teeth.

Sources- Milk, Curd, green leafy vegetables.

  • Vitamin C– 75 milligram per day.

Needed for– Increasing the potential for disease resistance and healthy skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory qualities.

Sources– Fruits and vegetables like orange or apples, strawberry, broccoli, red chili.

Healthy diet
Healthy diet
  • Fiber– 25 grams daily.

Needed for– proper digestion and metabolism rate, maintaining the normal level of sugar, correct cholesterol level, controlling weight.

Sources– Whole grain and majority of fruits and vegetables.

  • Potassium– 4700 milligram per day

Needed for– the proper functioning of heart, brain and nerves.

Sources– Banana, orange, green leafy vegetables, beans and curd.

Healthy diet
Healthy diet
  • Magnesium– 310-320 milligram per day

Needed for– proper functioning of nerves, muscles, bones and enhancing the mood.

Sources– green vegetables including broccoli.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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