9 ways to avoid tiredness

Often we feel tired as we wake up, fall asleep while sitting or are not able to stand while doing even small work. These are nothing but the symptoms of tiredness from inside. the main causes being improper sleeping habits, stress, unscheduled exercises, and also improper diet. Reasons could be many but these all directly or indirectly lead to unhappiness in life.

Tiredness remedy
Tiredness remedy

Unhappiness on the other hand causes one to get annoyed and irritability very often. But this ultimate cause “The tiredness” could be kept out of one’s life using these simple tips;

Tips to get rid of tiredness and stress;

  • Keep a note of your daily routine work– With the help of this you will be able to schedule your routine work to prevent from overburdening yourself.
  • One work at a time- Many a times women are seen doing more that one work at a time, this may save their time but the tiredness caused later leads to one getting stressed or ill health.
  • Sufficient sleep- It is very important to make a schedule of sleeping habits. 8 hrs. sleep divided into 2 times a day is very effective means of increasing ones concentration levels.
  • Keep a check on diet- wrong eating habits may lead to tiredness which includes both eating less or eating improper food. One should have a healthy diet which includes fruits for Vitamins, food grains for calcium, potassium etc. Dry fruits should be taken for iron elements.
  • Drink plenty of water-Water scarcity inside body is one of the major source of tiredness.One should at least
    Stay fit and healthy
    Stay fit and healthy

    have 1.5 – 2 l of daily water intake.

  • Exercise- It is very essential to take out some time for exercise from ones daily routine. the best time being the morning or evening evening time after we wake up. going for a morning walk keeps you fresh throughout the day and 10-15 minutes of yoga helps in building up your stamina for daily work.
  • Keep a positive attitude– Negative thinking causes more dullness in life then the work we are doing. positive thinking and attitude in life can keep oneself motivated throughout our daily work.
  • Remember good/happy moments of life– It is very helpful in maintaining the energy level of body during the day. Listening soft favourite music, watching programs are the ways to keep tiredness away.
  • Be relaxed– Reacting instantly over small things getting stressed ultimately leads to tiredness. Keeping control over the emotions definitely helps in maintaining high energy during the work.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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