A perfect diet plan for winters

Winters are the best time to tempt your taste buds.All the tasty and delicious food is prepared mostly in winters in most of the houses,but what should be a perfect diet is the question which should be understood first.

Here is a perfect diet which is very necessary in winters.Just gulping up the food because you will not look fat in those woolen clothes will not solve the problem.A proper diet plan is very important for winters because this is one of the season which can make you eat more and more even if your are not so much hungry.

A balanced diet not only keeps your healthy but keep your weight in check.The diet should be calorie free and hygienic more over it must contain all the nutrients demand by the body.These all thins will keep your body warm and can fight diseases to.

Winters diet plan;

In winters opt for high protein food like  

Fish – 22 grams of protein

Chicken-30 grams of protein

Pork-22 grams of protein

Dairy products-including milk 8grams protein,cheese-15 grams

Eggs-6gram protein

Nuts-8gram protein

Sufficient quantity of fat- Fat should be proportionately consumed as need by the body,excess fat can lead to weight gain while lack of fat can make you sick.While taking any calorie product do not forget to check its fat content,Fat is important for the body growth but excess of it can increase your weight to.

Take low carbohydrate diet-Low carbohydrate vegetables like spinach,collards,bamboo shoots,radish,mushrooms,asparagus, cucumbers,cauliflower,broccoli etc should be consumed in winters.

Important tips-Try eating food which has the ability to produce heat inside your body,they should contain a warm effects.Add more amount of non-veg food in your diet if possible.Keep on eating fruits during a day this will provide good amount of energy to the body and keep you away from cold.

Try drinking warm water instead of cold,you will feel better and relaxed.Avoid hot drinks especially those which contains caffeine during the evening time as it makes you feel drowsy and sleepy which can creates hindrance in your work.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication /therapy”


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