Ayurvedic Herbs: Health Benefits From Neem

Neem is an evergreen tree. The word Neem is derived from Sanskrit word  “nimba” which means  to “bestow health“. Neem is a very fast growing tree. It is used as medical herb from ancient times. Neem is beneficial for humans internally & externally both. Every part of a  Neem tree like leaves, flower & bark are used for medical purpose, it shows that how useful is it for us. Neem has been called Village Pharmacy, Heal all, and even Nature’s Drugstore.

Health Benefits from Neem:

  • Neem helps in reducing  blood pressure, blood clots, heart irregularities and high cholesterol levels in a human body.

  • One of the most popular benefit of Neem which is known to everyone is that it is used as a used as a tooth brush. It keeps teeth whiter,  prevents gum problems, bad breath, tooth decay, bleeding and sore gums and to prevent cavities.

  • Applying Neem paste on face clears pimples of face and also reduces scars.
  • Boil some Neem leaves in water &  use the water to wash your body regularly. It will kill germs and bacteria on your skin.

  • Using Neem helps in  controlling  blood sugar levels.
  • Neem leaves are excellent for dry skin, they  cure the dryness of the skin.
  • Taste of the mouth and problem of constipation, indigestion and acidity can be prvent by Neem.


  • Boil Neem leaves with water and drink it regularly. It will reduce the chances of any liver problems.
“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”



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