Benefits of Meditation: Meditation reduces stress and pain

Meditation has life long benefits including balancing of daily life activities. Meditation not only balances your mind but also your emotions,your soul and your body.

Meditation plays an important role regarding many stress related situations. Various diseases and illness can be cured through meditation such as:

High Blood Pressure

-Anxiety Disorder

-Reduces heart attack and stroke.

-Improve attention

-Ulcers and chronic pain

-Improves sleep

-Neurological problems such as epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease

Researchers in 2008 published a research on stress related problems  and found that eight weekly mindfulness of meditation half the rate of relapse in people suffering from severe depression.

Meditation causes long lasting brain changes.A study from Massachusetts General Hospital and Yale University had shown that meditation causes an increase in cortical thickness.

The changes are majorly found in brain areas that is associated with emotional processing,sensory,cognitive and internal perception.

Meditation is a way of improving life.It reduces pain and stress.It is no time consuming and hardly needs 15-20 minutes every day.So, its better to get started now for a more healthy and wealthy living.

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  1. Once you have practiced meditation, you will notice the benefits as you calm down. You can consciously use it in your everyday work life, too. If you get too stressed, just breathe regularly and strive to attain that same grounded, calm feeling that you get when meditating.

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