Causes of unwanted hairs in women

The unusual growth of hairs on chin,face or any other genital regions in women are thought to be caused due to excess of male hormones.But alone the male hormone,called testosterone is not responsible for the excess hair growth,there are many other reasons also.

A women body do produce testosterone,but in smaller amounts.The excess growth of hairs in women is not alone caused by the amount of circulating testosterone¬† but also because of¬† her insulin sensitivity or her hair follicle’s sensitivity.

Insulin resistance can be the reason behind the unwanted growth of hairs in women, which is caused due to high sugar intake or poor nutrition.

Some other reasons behind the unwanted hair growth in women are:

1)Cancer or tumor in ovary.

2)Adrenal gland cancer.

3)Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

4)Hyperthecosis, is a condition of producing excess male hormones.

Menopause is also one of the cause of excess growth of hairs, as women body produces less progesterone and estrogen.As the level of estrogen decreases the level of male hormone called androgen increases thus causing facial hair growth.

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