Health Drinks: Healthy and refreshing summer drinks

People use to take many health drinks during summers to beat the scorching heat of the sun.These drinks include Nimbu pani, jaljeera and lassi.Apart from these drinks,there are some more healthy and soothing drinks that can be consumed during summers.Some of the common drinks that are refreshing as well as delicious are:

Bael Sharbat –

Bael also known as wood apple is considered excellent for stomach during summers.It is the best remedy for diarrhea and dysentery.

Falsey ka Sherbet-

Asian berry is known as falsey.Scientifically known as Grewia is served to people effected by excessive heat of the sun and to reduce inflammation and irritation.It is also recommended as a remedy for sunburn and heat strokes.


Sattu is a good source of natural fiber and carbohydrates.It is powder made when de-husked grams are cleaned and roasted and pulverized and finally converted to powder. It is actually taken before going out in the sun to prevent heat strokes.The sherbet can be made in two flavors both sweet and salty.Sattu is easily available in shops and served chilled mixed with black salt,sugar,mint leaves,jaljeera etc.

Aam Panna-

Everybody  is well aware of panna made by green mangoes is a rich source of pectin and is excellent remedy for heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Aam Panna is recommended during summers to prevent the loss of iron and sodium chloride due to excessive sweating in summers.It also increases body resistance against various diseases like anemia, tuberculosis, dysentery and cholera.


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