Healthy Milk: Ordinary milk is more fatty than the organic milk

Researchers said that organic milk consists of less saturated fat and have good fatty acids than the milk produced in dairy farms.A new study done on the milk of  organic cattle that eat fresh grass is considered better for health than the ordinary one.

The Journal diary of Science reports that the health giving characteristics of Organic milk are also very much less likely to be affected by changes in the weather.The non-organic milk collected during a particular UK summer and following winter had higher saturated fat content and is also far less beneficial fatty acids.

Researchers from University¬† ‘s Nafferton Ecological Farming Group and Human Nutrition Center looked to the quality of 88 different milk in supermarkets across North East England at different time of period and thus concluded that organic brands of available milk are higher in beneficial fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in summer and winter.

The results suggest greater uniformity of feeding practices of farms supplying organic milk since there were no brands which differed consistently in fat composition” says Gillian Butler,who did the study.

Mrs Butler says “We’re always being told to cut down on the saturated fat we consume and switching to organic milk and dairy products provides a natural way to increase our intake of nutritionally desirable fatty acids,vitamins and anti oxidants without increasing our intake of less desirable fatty acids

She further says “By choosing organic milk you can cut saturated fat by 30-50 per cent and still get the same intake of beneficial fatty acids ,as the omega-3 levels are higher but omega-6 is not,which helps to improve the crucial ratio between the two”

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