Junk foods are the enemy of children; bad effects on health and remedies

Now a days junk food is in fashion which includes pizza,ice-cream,burgers and various chips.Especially these all items are liked by children a lot,but many of you are unaware of the desires they posses.

Hardly there is any child who doesn’t like eating Maggie.There lunch boxes are full of these things and in variety.
But children who are much into these foods suffers a lot later.Many hazardous diseases comes with these fact foods which can be bad to your health.

Parents should be aware of the food they give to their young ones,and for your help we bring to you some of the evil effects of junk food upon children.

Some facts about junk foods;

  • 10 million children are lacking vitamin A with the result decrease in eye sight.
  • 45 percent of children aging 3 years have less than normal weight and they lack protein to.
  • If these things will not controlled India will be counted as unsuccessful country.
  • Not only junk food but fruits to are ripened¬† by unhealthy means.
  • A child needs vitamin A,vitamin C,iron,calcium,iodine,zinc,potassium,magnesium for better growth,if these things lack in his food he can suffer a great loss of health at later stage of life.

healthy food for children;

  • We obtain vitamin A in retinal and B in the form of beta carotene.Retinal is obtained by animals and beta carotene by plants.Vitamin A is necessary for healthy skin,eye sight and growth,It makes our bones and teeth strong.The main ingredients containing vitamin A are-carrot,sweet potato,mango,papaya and egg or milk.
  • ¬†Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth.It can be obtained from milk products,cauliflower and green vegetables.Lack of calcium leads to a disease called osteoporosis,therefore calcium is very important for small children.
  • Vitamin C is also very important for small age.It is needed mostly by the body,it can be found in tomatoes or chillies.Children need it in a good amount for better body growth and fitness.

‘Children needs proper care and attention in cases of food.The need to be good mannered and disciplined.It is the duty of the parents to look after them properly otherwise your child can get into a big trouble of health.’
“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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