Laparoscopic Surgery during pregnancy

Laparoscopic surgery which increases the efficiency of pregnancies are not very popular among people. Because of less knowledge about the benefits of this surgery many couples decide to take the help of IVF (vitro fertilization) technique.

Laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic surgery

Why this surgery is better for women?

Laparoscopic surgery has been proved as a boon to the couples who can not have babies. Compared to open surgery leproscopic surgery has many advantages

  • Women have to stay one day in hospital
  •  This surgery is not painful
  • No bleeding during surgery
  • Compared to open surgery laparoscopic surgery is less costly.
  • In comparison to open surgery the significant advantage of laparascopic surgery is that through this surgery the disorders in women’s reproductive organs can be effectively cure so that women can conceive naturally without any help. Whereas in IVF technique this process is adopted each time during pregnancy. Many doctors suggest to take the help of IVF at last when the body fails to accept any fertility enhancing surgery.

Some important things to know

There are many conditions when infertile couples can opt for laparoscopic surgery to increase fertility which helps to conceive.

Tubal cannulation

Approximately in 60-70 percent cases in women when there is a blockage in fallopian tube then the blocked tubes can be opened through a thin wire.


This disease reduces the chances of pregnancy in women. Through laparascopic surgery these disorders can also be cured very easily.

Relieve from fibroids

Sometimes because of fibroids or neoplasia it is difficult to conceive. Through Laparascopic Myomectomy a women can conceive normally.

Poly cystic ovary disease

It creates difficulty in pregnancy and women have irregular mensuration. This disease can also be removed by laparacopic surgery.

Elimination of TB

Proliferation of TB in lungs can damage the reproductive organs of a women. Especially in north India there are many cases related to this problem. Because of TB the fallopian tube gets almost blocked, but laparascopic surgery can be used to overcome this problem.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking nay medication/therapy”

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