Low Blood Pressure Symptoms and Natural Home Remedies

Low blood pressure is a situation of the body where the flow of blood to the organs of the body is low and inadequate. It is not a life-threatening disease, to an extent not even unhealthy. It is common state of body seen mostly in athletes, people who maintain balanced weight etc.

It becomes dangerous only in the situation when the flow of blood is so low that it cannot supply required blood to the parts of the body.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure
Low Blood Pressure

There are various causes of low blood pressure. Few of the prominent ones are:

  1. Low Blood Volume– low blood pressure or hypovolemia, is one of the most crucial causes of hypotension. Insufficient diet, unstable lifestyle gives rise to such situation.
  2. Dehydration– One should always try to maintain their water level in the body. If you have to stay out in the sun, ensure that you keep drinking enough water.
  3. Pregnancy: Pregnancy comes with many hormonal changes. Thus there is a chance that during pregnancy your pressure goes down and you may face hypo-tension.
  4. Heart Disease– If you are suffering from any heart disease, you are likely to suffer low blood pressure then. Moreover, it also comes as a genetic disorder.

Best Natural Home Remedies – Ideal For Treating Low Blood Pressure

  1. Raisins:Raisins

    Soak 2 to 4 small raisins in a ceramic bowl full of water over night. Ensure that you chew them one by one. After properly chewing them, drink sufficient water.

  2. Almonds:Almonds

We are well aware that almonds contain memory boosting elements. Additionally, it also helps in treating low blood pressure. Soak 7 almonds in water over night. Peel them and grind to a smooth paste. Add in a glass of milk and boil. Drink warm.

  1. Basil and Honey Mixture:honey and basil

Crush 10-15 basil leaves a.k.a tulsi and strain through a clean muslin cloth. Mix with 1 tsp honey. Have it the first thing in the morning.

  1. Salt Intake:salt solution

People suffering with high blood pressure should keep their salt intake to the minimum. But that is not with the case of low blood pressure. For people suffering from low blood pressure, salt can help.

  1. Beetroot:Beetroot

Drink a cup of the raw beetroot juice twice daily. It is one of the best home remedies for low blood pressure.

  1. Drink Caffeine:caffeine

Drinking a cup of strong black coffee can help you with fighting low blood pressure problem. It is advisable to drink at least one cup of coffee at daily basis.

  1. Daily Exercise:exercise

Include a little exercise in your daily regime. A brisk walk or a quick swim can help circulate the blood.

Follow these simple natural home remedies and forget about your hypo-tension problem.


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