Sleep disorders; causes & remedies

A good sleep is very essential for physical as well as mental fitness.It is directly related to our health and well being.Strong disease control,energetic body,active working and for concentration level it is very important to take sound and peaceful sleep.

sleep disorder
Sleep disorder

Taking a full and nice sleep is equals to charging your body.The body gets discharged by working all the day long and makes you tired and weak.Sleep disorder is one of the most common problem now a days.Continuation of this problem leads to various health problems and diseases.Your mental health is negatively affected because of improper sleeping conditions.

Causes of sleep disorders-

Causes related to mental illness.

  1. Mental health problems
  2. Physical problems
  3. Over consumption of any special type of medicine
  4. Stress,fear,exertion,anger,jealousy or any type of insecurity

Causes of physical illness.

  1. Allergies
  2. Hyperthyroidism
  3. Cancer
  4. pain etc

These all things creates hindrances between your sleep some medicines like Anti-depression,caffeinated medicines,Blood pressure control medicines are also the causes of sleep disorders.It is very important to understand the causes of sleep disorders as it is very risky and can create lot of problems in future.Understand your needs and consult a good doctor to maintain healthy life style by eliminating all these causes fro your sleep.

What should be done?

sleep disorder treatment
Sleep disorder treatment
  1. Maintain a timetable and sleep accordingly.To to bed at the proper time this will help you to get a proper sleep and will help to set up the biological rhythm of the body.
  2. Do not think about those ideas which creates disturbance in your min.Stressful matters creates hindrances in your sleep with the result you are unable to get a proper sleep during the night.
  3. You can listen good music or can read good books before going for sleep.Keep your bed clean and sleep in a healthy environment.
  4. Before going to sleep do not forget to thanks god for all he had given and will give.Be happy with all what you have and do not regret for anything in life.This will help in getting good mental health and peaceful thoughts while sleeping.


For good sleep is is very important to have a good lifestyle.There are many things which add glory to life like-

  1. Wake up before the sun rises,yoga,meditation,and a good attention will keep you away from all the diseases and will make your life better and happy.
  2. Instead of drinking tea switch over to Basil tea,honey,green tea,lemon tea,ginger consumption.These beverages contains many health benefits.Opt for lemon juice instead of tea or coffee in the evening time.

If it is difficult to take full sleep during the day then try to sleep more in the week ends.You can also consult a doctor for taking sleeping pills once in a week so that you can take a better sleep and can work energetically for the whole week ahead.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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