Sleepiness and Fatigue :causes and prevention

Sleepiness and tiredness is a common phenomenon in day to day life.Before the both symptoms overcome you, you must know the reasons behind them.Sleepiness may be caused due to many reasons such as less energy,lack of sleep or disease like anemia.

Causes of sleepiness and fatigue:

1.Not enough sleep-Our body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep a day.The hectic schedule or certain activities can cause sleep disorders.So you should be careful as it can cause adverse affects to your health and concentration.

2.Lack of energy-Balance diet should be included as improper intake of food or eating too little food can cause fatigue.Proper and balanced food helps maintaining the sugar level of the body and prevent from dizziness and fatigue.

3.Depression-One of the root cause of fatigue could be depression.Depression can cause headache,loss of appetite and fatigue.If you feel depressed and tired for more than two or more weeks than you should consult a good doctor.

4.Anemia-Anemia is common in woman,can be caused due to iron deficiency.Intake of iron rich foods such as meat,liver,beans and enriched cereals.

5.Too much Caffeine– a good dose of caffeine improves alertness and concentration but overdose of caffeine may increase blood pressure and hear rate.This may result in fatigue too.

6.Dehydration-Water is needed in pretty good amount to work well and remain calm.Drink at least two glasses of water every hour.Dehydration may occur when you feel thirst.

7.Heart Disease-If you feel dizziness and fatigue caused by day activities such as cleaning the house etc,then it could be the sign of your heart not working properly..If the situation is getting more worse and you are not at all able to perform normal activities properly then you must consult your doctor.

Prevention against fatigue:

One way to reduce fatigue is to do exercise daily.Researchers found that healthy people may often feel tired but daily exercise can bring back an additional energy.

Other way to reduce fatigue is to bicycle everyday for at least 20minutes with a mild speed,may be very helpful to treat fatigue.

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