Snoring problem causes and treatment

Snoring is a disorder caused due to obstruction to the free flow of air through mouth and nose.Snoring is the most common problem affecting at least 25%  of human population of any age.

When you  are asleep the back of throat become narrow.So, when the air passes through the small area causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate which  leads to snoring problem.

Common causes of snoring:

1)Alcohol, medication,and smoking.

2)Bulky throat tissue.

3)Obstruct nasal airways.


5)Sleeping posture.


7)Sinus problem.

Treatment for snoring problem:

1)Lose weight- Losing weight results in reducing the fatty tissue and decreases snoring.

2)Avoid smoking-Smoking increases snoring problem.Smoking blocks the airways causing irritation in throat and nose.

3)Avoid alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills- Sleeping pills relax throat muscles and meddle with breathing.

4)Exsercise regularly- Exercise  tone the muscles of your throat which reduces snoring.

5)Maintain a regular sleeping time- Create a regular bedtime .Regular sleep relaxes body and reduces snoring.

6)Avoid heavy meals and caffeine- Avoid milk products before going to bet at night.

7)Start sleeping on your sides- Sleeping on back makes the soft tissues and tongue obstruct the airway.

8)Clear nasal passage– A stuffy nose makes breathing difficult and creates vacuum in the throat which leads to snoring.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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