Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Pregnancy is often accompanied by weight gain after child birth either due to psychological or hormonal changes.Weight loss after giving birth to child take lots of time, so nothing to worry about it.Have patience and try to stick to a proper healthy and nutritious diet.

Weight loss after pregnancy

A study conducted at The Institute of Quality and Efficiency in Health Care states that at least 1 year is needed to lose pregnancy weight.Also,a Harvard University study in 2007 of new moms found that mothers who walk for 30 minutes everyday have 34 percent less chances of gaining a certain amount of weight in a time span of 1 year.

Tips to lose weight after pregnancy:

1)Do not diet-

Dieting in post pregnancy days may not be as helpful to you as you think.Cutting down on your favorite foods make you more stressed and thus actually let you gain weight without any reason.So dieting is really not a good idea for you.

Instead of going on diet nutritionists recommend a healthy well balanced diet consisting of variety of foods.Keep a check that you should not cut below 1800 calories a day.

2)Breast feeding-

Certain studies and research has found that breast feeding actually let you lose weight after pregnancy and let you come back to your pre-baby weight faster.Breast feeding is beneficial for you as well as for your baby as it increases the immunity of your child and provide numerous other health benefits.

Breast feeding increases your calorie loss, thus helping you to loss extra weight.

3)Drink lots of water-

Drink plenty and plenty of water throughout the day, it prevents your body from dehydration.It also helps in filling you up so that you do not eat much.It also helps in increasing and speeding up your metabolism.

weight loss after pregnancy

4)Keep moving-

It is really essential for you to be active all the day long.Try to figure out any activity you enjoy like walking, jogging, swimming or cycling.Also do not use your vehicle foe every work you do, take some time to move out with your baby in his/her stroller.Find excuses to walk more.The more you walk the more you lose weight.

5)Exercise well-

Try light exercises at your home.Get a well maintained exercise plan for yourself everyday.Building some muscle helps burning your calories and you look more toned as well.Also, do not stress get some peaceful sleep. Sleep deprivation increases stress and thus promotes weight gain.Try to take some naps during day time and go to bed early to freshly start your next day.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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