Top 5 foods that keeps you Hydrated in Summers

Majority of our body weight comprises of water. Water covers 70 percent of our body. All the organs, cells and tissues depend wholly on  water for their proper functioning. The hot weather of summer soaks up enough amount of water from our body. So it is important to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes headache,dizziness and fatigue. Only water is not enough to keep body hydrated there are many other foods which are good supplier of fluid and prevents dehydration in hot weather.

There are lots of foodstuffs that you can eat to keep your body hydrated in summers.

Best Summer Food to Keep Hydrated

1) Watermelon

Watermelon is an excellent source for keeping the body hydrated in summer season. It is the only fruit which is loaded with water in abundance. Watermelon consists of about 92 percent of water which is enough to support the proper functioning of all the inner organs and tissue of the body. Watermelon is rich in vitamin A and C which are good fro bones, skin and as well as for heart.

2) Apples

An apple a day keep doctor away, the saying goes always correct for good health. Apples are beneficial in lowering the cholesterol and weight loss. It prevents from many heart diseases and cancer threat.

3) Cucumber

 Cucumber is rich in water content.Along with water it has additional nutrients that keeps body hydrated in summers. Cucumber is rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid that nourishes and soothes the skin. A good amount of silica is found in cucumber,which strengthens the connective tissues.

4) Green salad

Salads are very good source of fluid containing about 90 percent of water. So after being a yummy appetizer, salads keeps the body hydrated all through the day. Green salads are good source of folate, vitamin C, fibres and antioxidant compounds like beta carotene which nourishes the skin and keeps eye healthy.

5)  Pineapples

Pineapple is the juicy fruit rich in Bromelain. Bromelain is beneficial for digestive tract. It consist of anti-inflammatory powers which prevents inflammation.Pineaplle has detoxifying properties and helps loosening weight.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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