Top 5 yoga poses for pregnant women

Pregnancy is the most happiest as well as crucial phase of every women’s life.Yoga practice during pregnancy calms and relaxes your mind and body.It improves your posture and provide you flexibility and strength.During the pregnancy time a woman goes through various level of mood swings, suffers from swollen and painful legs,high blood pressure,fatigue and breathing problems.

pregnancy yoga
yoga asans during pregnancy

Yoga helps you to deal with all these changes and helps minimizing the sign and symptoms of pregnancy.The breathing techniques practiced during the yoga session helps you at the time of labor and delivery.

Yoga poses for pregnant women:

1)Chair pose-

Chair pose, also known as Utkatasana is an asana for ankles,spine,pelvic and thigh area.

-Stand straight on your feet 12 inches apart from each other.Take a deep breathe and raise your heels and arms at the level of your shoulder, your palms should be facing downwards at the same time.

-Now exhale very slowly, stand on your feet or you can also sit on squat position, if comfortable.Keeping the hands in the same position, inhale again and stand up slowly on your toes.

-Now exhale again very slowly, move your hands and toes down.

2)Twisted pose-

Twisted pose , also known as Vakrasna is for your legs, neck and spine.

-Sit straight, your feet stretched parallel to each other.Take a deep breathe and raise your hands with palms downwards to the shoulder level.

-Now exhale and simultaneously twist your body from waist portion, move right.Move your hands and head too on the same side and swing your arms back as much as possible.

-Now inhale again and come back to the original position and repeat the process on the other side.

3) Angle pose-

Angle pose, also known as Konasana is for maintaining the flexibility of your waist and to reduce the extra fat accumulated in your body.

-Stand straight on your feet with 24 inches apart from each other.You can also take support of wall.

-Slowly raise your hand, do not bend from elbow.Move it upwards, inhale and bend on your left.

-Now exhale and come back to original position, put down your hand and repeat the process again on the other side.

4)Butterfly pose-

Butterfly pose also known as Bhadrasana. It is for strengthening the pelvic area and inner thighs.

-Sit straight with legs stretched on the ground.Form a “namaste” pose with your feet, do not lean.Place your hands on thighs.

-Hold the position as long as it is comfortable to you.Now come back to original position and repeat it again.

5)Mountain pose-

Mountain pose also known as Parvatasana is for treating the backache and improving your body posture.

-Sit straight on the mat in padmasana pose.Without leaning,take a deep breathe, raise your arms and join the palms in “namaste” form.

-Do not bend your elbow.Hold on to the position for few moments and come back to original position.Repeat it again.


Precautions that should be kept in mind while doing yoga:

Yoga is good for health but you should be precautious while doing it.Consult your doctor before performing any of the above yoga positions.Women who have asthma problem can do the asans given above but holding breath is not recommended for them.Asans where you have to maintain a balance should be done more carefully.

If you feel nausea, pain or any uncomfortable feeling while doing these asans you should stop immediately and take advise from your doctor.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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