Urine color and its health related meaning

All types of wastes and extra substances are passed out from our body through urine.The normal color of  urine ranges from pale yellow to amber in color with a small or no odor.The change in color of urine can be caused due to several factors like dehydration,medicines, illness, intake of certain kind of foods and drinks and injury.

Urine color
Usually the urine is dark in color and more concentrated during the first urination of the day.Change in urine color also indicates any infection or kidney problem that needs an important medical attention.

Different urine color and its meaning related to health:

Brown color-

It indicates the presence of certain kind of antibiotics or antimalarial medicines in your body.Brown color of urine may also happen due to intake of foods such as berries,fava beans,rhubarb, and beets.In major cases it could also indicate any kidney problem or kidney infection.

Orange color-

It indicates dehydration in your body.But generally it is caused due to intake of foods which are high in vitamin C or carotene.Orange color urine can also result due to heavy medications such as blood thinners,lexatives, and chemotherapy drugs.

Smelly urine-

Smelly urine is caused due to the intake of asparagus or coffee. But if you haven’t had any of these beverages then it is must to consult your doctor.

Pink or red color urine-

Food which is red in color or blueberries causes the color of urine turns red or pink.It also indicates that there is blood in your urine either due to infection or any harsh exercise.Intake of certain medications is  an another reason for change in color of urine, also do not forget to consult your doctor if the color does not becomes normal in 24 hrs of time.

Urine color associated with health

Cloudy urine-

Cloudy urine means there is a certain amount of phosphate in your urine, which is due to the kidney stones.If you have burning sensation while urinating or the cloudiness gets worst then you must consult your doctor.

Blue or green color-

Blue color urine may indicates the  condition called blue diaper syndrome.It mostly occurs with infants .People who are suffering from urinary tract infection caused due to bacteria called pseudomonas may experience green color urine.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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