Vaginal yeast infection, its causes and prevention

Yeast infection in vagina is caused by a fungus called Candida.Yeast infection is a very common problem among women all over the world.Yeast  is a fungus which can grow anywhere in the skin where it finds moisture.Yeast infection in the vaginal area causes either inflammation of vagina or vaginitis.

vaginal yeast infection prevention
Vaginal yeast infection causes and prevention

The most easy way to handle yeast infection is to treat it before it starts spreading in the vaginal area.Every 3 out of 4 women suffers from vaginal infection during her life.The infection can be mild as well as can have chronic symptoms in some cases.Yeast infection is more likely to occur in women who are menstruating and is less common in women who are in their menopause phase.

Causes of yeast infection:

Amount of yeast-

There are already a definite number of bacteria present in the vagina.These bacteria forms a protective layer in the vagina.But due to external entities such as  consumption of antibiotics the number of these bacteria reduces considerably and the chances of yeast infection increases.The number of yeast increases due to the drugs which prevents the production of antibodies and thus attack the internal tissues causing itching and burning.

Hormonal imbalance-

Hormonal imbalance is very common for a woman because of various changes which occurs in her body from childhood to becoming an adult.Pregnancy is one of the reason for hormonal imbalance which effects the estrogen level causing yeast growth in vagina.

Inner vagina injury-

Injury may happen to the inner side of vagina due to many factors such as chemotherapy,use of steroids or cortisone medications.As a result the immune system of the body is also greatly effected due to which yeast infection occurs in vagina.

Undergarments and birth control pills-

Birth control pills disturbs the pH level of vagina and provides a good environment for the yeast growth.Yeast infection also depends upon the inner wear woman chooses for herself.Very tight and non cotton synthetic underwear may cause yeast infection in the vaginal area.

Prevention for yeast infection in vagina:

1) Avoid using scents or perfume soaps and chemicals in your vaginal area.

2)Avoid using public or any other person towel,to maintain a hygienic  well being.

3)Try to make changes in your diet.Avoid intake of more fermented foods,vinegar or sugar.These foods may increase the risk of yeast infection.

4)Be careful while taking antibiotics because they tend to kill the bacteria which are useful and friendly for your digestive tract.

5)Mild  yeast infection can be treated at home.Garlic is considered to be a good agent to kill fungus.

6)Olive leaf juice and grapefruit seeds extract reduces and prevents from yeast infection.

7)There are various anti fungal agents, creams, lotions and capsules are available in the market to treat yeast infection in vagina.Make sure to talk to doctor before using them.

8)Use water based lubricants during sexual intercourse to prevent vaginal dryness.

9)Maintain a good hygienic habit and change your sanitary napkins at proper time.

10)Include yogurt in your diet and eat a well balanced diet.If you are a diabetic patient then try to keep a normal sugar level in your body.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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