Vegetable soups and their nutrients value

Adding soups in your daily diet will keep you fit and slim.Soups are easy to make and full of nutrients.Soups can be consumed in any season as they are very healthy and one of the best option to drink.

healthy soups
Healthy soups

Make your diet interesting,healthy and tasty.Different vegetables and preferred by different people but when they all are mixed to make a soup everybody drinks it without searching for a favourite vegetable.Full of nutrients and disease resistant properties vegetable soup are the best option to go for.

Nutritious vegetables soups;

  1. If you want to be slim so don’t wait for the winters to drink soups,they can be consumed any time and in any season.Drinking soups will keep you fit and healthy in all seasons.
  2. Soups are full of vitamins it can be serve any time as it contains 2% zinc and 8% iron with fulfills the requirement of nutrients in our body.
  3. Those who like to eat low calorie food can drink 2 glass of vegetables soups per day.Soups contains less amount of calorie and fat and is full of fiber which helps in keeping the body slim.
  4. You can take soups according to the season as in winters hot soups can be consumed and in summers cold soups can be made.Soups provide internal energy to the body and improves blood circulation.
  5. Soups are available in ready to make packets also and they to are very healthy but according to your taste, you can mix any type of vegetables to it.This will give a good texture and taste to the soup.
  6. Soups are one of the good source of vitamins and minerals.Tomatoes,onions,carrots,potatoes,green leafy vegetables,capsicum,beans etc can be added while preparing soups.
  7. Those who can not chew the food properly have a best option to drink soups as it is healthy plus it solves the problem of chewing.It solves the problem of constipation and over weight to.
  8. Soups are full of proteins,carbohydrates,vitamins,fiber and all kind to essential things which needed for the body.It is the best diet for sick people and contains quick healing power.Soups are very light and healthy and in this way they eliminate the problem of over eating.
  9. It is the best dish for children as usually they hate eating vegetables but love the tasty and good smelling soups.With the help of soups children gets the required nutrients and stay fit and energetic all the day.
  10. Drinking a big bowl of hot soup daily cuts down the problem of cancer and heart diseases,varieties of vegetables can be added to soup like mushroom corn,chicken corn etc.
  11. Soy soup is best for elimination problems related to breast cancer.According to latest research in Japan it was found that regular drinking of soups reduces 10% of breast cancer problems in women.
  12. Vegetable soup maintains the level of water in the body and controls blood pressure.Drinking chicken soup in winters helps in getting rid of cold and cough.Al;ways remember to buy fresh chicken soups which are available in packets.
  13. Carrot contains vitamin A and beta-carotene which are beneficial in the problems of stomach and uterus cancer.So,don’t forget to add carrots while preparing soups.
  14. Soups are not only beneficial internally but it affects externally to, it helps in reducing the wrinkles and acne problems.It gives a natural beauty to the skin and maintains a shine on the face.

Those who wants to cut down a little amount of nutritive content can go for low-fat and low-sodium soups available in the market.Vegetables soups are available in varieties and in all types according to the needs of the customer.So don’t wait and start this healthy diet from today only.Make you and your family healthy and away from diseases.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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