5 best home remedies for diabetes

Diabetes is a common disorder of metabolism.A diabetic patient must know about what he/she should eat.In case of diabetes it is important to keep track of your blood sugar level,regular check-ups and daily workouts. Diabetes is such a disease that cannot be treated completely,the only way is to control the blood sugar level every time to prevent it from becoming a chronic ailment.

There are basically two types of diabetes-

1)Type 1 diabetes in which the body is not able to produce enough insulin to keep the level of blood sugar normal.And

2)Type 2 diabetes happens to people who are mostly overweight and above the age of 40 years.

The complications caused due to diabetes includes- hearing problem, eye problem,blindness, kidney and nerve problem etc.There are various home remedies to keep the diabetes under control.

The 5 best remedies for diabetes:

1)Drink 1/2 cup of bitter gourd juice daily in the morning, it is one of the best home remedy to keep diabetes under control.

2)Take mango leaves powder daily with water, it helps a lot in controlling diabetes.

3)Fruits like oranges, plum and tomatoes are also very helpful in controlling blood sugar level.Intake of these fruits at least 300gms daily is very beneficial.

4)Mix gooseberry, bitter melon and fenugreek in equal quantity dry them under sun for few days and  grind them , make powder of the mixture .Consume this powder at least 3 times a day and feel the real difference.

5)Consume garlic regularly, it is beneficial; for health and keeps your diabetes under control.

Curry leaves are also very effective to eat as that normalize  the urine and the blood sugar level.Chew 8-10 curry leaves everyday in the morning.Soak few black raisins in water whole night and drink this water early in the morning empty stomach .It is also very beneficial for diabetic patients.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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