5 short steps to happiness

Some people wait for the right moment to be happy but there are some people who feel happy in every moment of life.Happiness is not about living life without difficulties but it is about learning to how to cope up and change the focus under various difficult circumstances.

Happiness is all about inspiring and enriching the things that supports your positive mental, physical and emotional growth.

Here are some short steps to a happy life:

1)Take charge of your mind-Think the positive aspect of life, for this you must fill your brain with numerous encouraging ideas.Watch or read motivational books and videos regularly.

2)Live in present-Learn to live in present.This is one of the essential part of happy life.Kick off your ego and forgive others and yourself too for their mistakes.Do not regret about the past and do not worry about the future,none of them can be controlled.Be adventurous and enjoy the wonderful life.

3)Be friendly- Be friendly to everyone and make new friends.Do hang out with your friends.It will fill your mind and body with a new sensation of positive energy.When you are friendly with others,some or the other way you spread kindness and smile in return.

4)Try something crazy- Do whatever you want,go crazy.If you like watching movies,go watch them even if you are alone.Gift yourself something you love to have with yourself.Give a nice break to yourself and visit a restaurant and enjoy a good meal with a lavish drink.

5)Stop using ‘when’ word- Leave the word ‘when’.Drop it forever from your life. A simple formula for being happy is- if not now, then never.The moment you use word ‘when’ you are applying a condition to your happiness.It is better to do things ‘Right now’.

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