5 ways to get better sleep

Sleeping disorders like difficulty while sleeping, waking up often at night,restlessness, and insomnia effect a large number of population all over the world.Sleep deprivation is one of the major problem in America where people are not able to meet up their work requirements and deadlines.Less sleep causes loss in concentration,temper and ineffective decision making.

People who do not get ample amount of sleep finds harder to focus on daily routine and work.There are many ways to improve your sleep and get a power nap to refresh your mind and mood.

Here are 5 ways to increase the quality of your sleep:

Practice yoga

Studies have proved that yoga and meditation techniques effect the insomnia in a positive manner.It do not need any epert yoga poses, just a deep breathing exercise can do the miracle.Deep breathing yoga practise calms the body and relaxes mind to get a better, stress free sleep.

Avoid caffeine

Living on caffeine all day long for performing better increases the problem of insomnia.Studies have shown that caffeine stays in the body for at least five hours after consuming it.So, it might happen that it meddle with your sleep when you go to bed at night.

Avoid sleeping pills

Drugs for getting better sleep often causes side-effects and increases your problem of sleep instead of curing it.Sleeping pills  always make you dependable on them.Try out some natural remedies to get better sleep.Find out the alternatives that helps you keep away from seductive effect of these harsh medicines.

Exercise well

Exercise is the best alternative to cure insomnia for the people suffering from heart diseases.Studies have shown that the cardio exercises improved the sleep in women above the age of 55 from restless sleep to a quite good sound sleep.Other benefits include better blood circulation, reduces stress,strong immune system and more energy throughout the day.

Switch off the technology

Researches have found the at least 95 percent of the people are engaged with some or the other form of technology or gadgets before they got o sleep.Texting or web surfing are some of the form of activities, people are involved with before sleeping.These activities effect the mind adversely compared to other passive activity such as reading etc.So, it is better to switch off the television or laptops buzzing beside you before sleeping at night.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”





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