7 Effective Tips for Preventing Osteoporosis

Prevention is anytime better than cure for anyone. And ladies you ought to pay attention to this. Women are day by day getting largely susceptible to Osteoporosis, and the factors responsible for Osteoporosis in general depend on many uncontrollable phenomenon like age, gender etc. But there are some controllable phenomenon that we must pay attention to protect our bone health.

Effective Tips for Preventing Osteoporosis
Effective Tips for Preventing Osteoporosis


Tips for Preventing Osteoporosis

1. Balanced Diet

Diet is very important, and it is mandatory to include vitamin D, calcium and essential proteins (but do not overdo it) in you diet to have healthy and strong bones.

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking can lead to hollowing your bones and decrease bone density. So for the love of God Quit Smoking

3. Eat Onions

Lab test done on male rats showed that rats who were fed onions showed less likeliness to bone breakdown.

4. Watch Caffeine Intake

No more sipping coffee endlessly to keep you fresh. The more you take caffeine the more it causes to excrete calcium out of your bones. Apple is much better, healthier and effective remedy to keep you awake and fresh.

5. Exercise Regularly

Have an exercise plan and follow it like a religion. Or the least you can do is exercise for 30 minutes for 3 days in a week. Walking , running, climbing stairs anything would do good.

6. Quit Alcohol

Alcohol does not allow the body to absorb calcium in body, thus leaving yo with  fragile bones. So quite alcohol.

7. Fight Depression

Depression produces cortisol in a human body and other stress hormones that will leach minerals out of your bones. Its good to fight depression, just don’t let it linger over you.

The above mentioned are some of the tips that I hope are helpful to you.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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