Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs for Treatment of Mesothelioma

Treatment of Mesothelioma is also possible through Ayurveda. One can get really good results in reducing the Cancer and lead a new life altogether. Ayurvedic treatment can be combined with other treatments also, but only after consultation of a doctor.

Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs for Treatment of Mesothelioma
Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs for Treatment of Mesothelioma

Ayurvedic Herbs for Treatment of Mesothelioma


Ashwagandha is as old as Ayurveda itself and is one of the most sort after medicinal herbs for many aliments. The researches across globe has proved the efficiency of this herb in treating cancer and prohibiting the growth of cancer cells in the human body. Consumption of Ashwagandha also increase the number of RBC’s and WBC’c and platelets in the blood.


Triphala is another magical herb formed by combination of three herbs i.e. Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki(Terminalia chebula). The high anti oxidant value of Thriphala has shown effectiveness in treating Mesothelioma.

Cow Urine Therapy

This is not a herb, but extracts of Cow Urine have significantly helped in improving the standard of life of a Cancer patient. There are many researches going on Cow Urine for its effectiveness in treating Mesothelioma. Herbal medicines combined with Cow’s Urine extracts develop mechanism in fighting cancer causing cells.

The above mentioned were some of the ayurvedic herbs treating Mesothelioma in humans. However, this article is just for information purpose, and it is strongly recommended consulting a registered medical practitioner before taking any of the treatment or herbs mentioned above.


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