ADHD Symptoms: How to know your child is suffering from ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a kind of abnormality in which a child loses his/her ability to pay attention and focus.It is a serious matter to think over, because by the time it becomes difficult for the child to listen to the teacher or finish a particular task.

Symptoms of ADHD:

Carelessness-  The foremost symptom of ADHD is the careless attitude developing inside the child.The child has trouble listening to speaker or following the directions.The kid develop the habit of not paying attention to the tasks they do. The child can make careless mistakes and may also daydream often.

Hyperactivity- Child suffering from ADHD has the problem to sit still. Some children with ADHD talk more and find difficult to play quietly.

Impulsiveness-The third symptom to ADHD is the impulsive nature of the child where they often interrupt others and speak out the answers before the teacher finishes the question. ADHD makes difficult for the child to wait for their turn and think before they act.

ADHD is caused due to less activity in the areas of brain that has the controls attention. Children suffering from ADHD may also have imbalances in the brain chemicals such as neurotransmitters.Genes may also be the one of the cause for developing ADHD in children.

ADHD can be prevented by staying healthy during pregnancy.Mothers who smoke during their pregnancy are more likely to develop ADHD as compared to those who do not smoke.

ADHD cannot be diagnosed by any lab tests, doctors generally believe  and rely on child response to the questions, school behavior and family description of behavior problem.The symptoms appears after the age of 7 and more.

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