Strength Training & Weight Loss

Weight loss is the biggest buzzing word in modern life. We all want to loose weight, we all want to look slim and have that perfect shape and figure, all the time we think about how appealing  our body will look, and with that comes all forms of crazy Diets, Medicines, spinning tables, weight loss packages, even liposuction and many scary things.

Importance of Strength Training in Weight Loss

How many of us understand that when we are running behind all these promising advertisements, we are not even thinking about how much harm these things can do to us?? And how much money we are going to spend???

And my question is, we all want to lose weight and look good but where is the all important Strength???

Many of us have forgotten the importance of Strength training in our life.

Strength Training Exercises

Now what is Strength Training???

Answer is simple, all activities which will make us gain some more strength is known as strength training, traditionally known as resistance training or more commonly Gym training. The purpose remains the same make us stronger.

How does strength training help us???

Mainly to gain strength in our body. We need strength to live, work,  stay active and enjoy life.

Training strength will help us live better life, as it simply explains stronger person is a fitter person

Benefits of Strength Training

Let us consider benefits of strength training here:

We gain weight because of various reasons, and main being inactive lifestyle, lack of physical activity and unwanted caloric intake, low metabolic rate.

Strength training helps us burn those extra calories which we consume during our daily food intake.

By burning those extra calories we can make sure that very less is converted to Fats and gets stored in our body.

Also strength training will help us gain some muscle mass (hypertrophy of muscles). Muscles being the active tissue of the body will burn more calories, so eventually more muscle mass means more calorie burning.

Strength training will help us increase metabolic rate by after burn process, which includes utilization of calories even after the workout for muscle repair.

On an average we can burn 250 to 350 calories per strength training sessions depending upon an individual’s training status.

Strength training will also give us healthier joints and stronger bones, it’s a precaution to avoid occupational hazards like back pain, shoulder pain etc.

Doing three days of strength training coupled with alternate days of cardio activities and good nutrition will give us the best possible result  to live healthy lifestyle.









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