AloeVera cures kidney failure

The hidden medicinal properties of plants are giving various health benefits to human life from thousands of years. Today also, the medical world is standing in the shelter of Ayurveda by preferring natural medicines over English drugs.

AloeVera health benefits
AloeVera health benefits

In the resent research done by a medical college it has been found that Aloe-Vera is highly beneficial in kidney diseases. Aloe-Vera is considered as a boon for health in a textbook of Ayurveda known as “Charaka Samhita” but it lacks the confirmation because of scientific research.

When a research was conducted on mice, it was found that intake of Aloe-Vera for a month completely cured their kidney.

Classifying the rats in two groups first consisted of healthy mice and the other group of mice who were kidney patients. Healthy mice were given continuous dose of Aloe-Vera after which they never got the infection of kidney diseases.

The other group of mice dealing with kidney failure provided Aloe-Vera supplements for a month fully recovered from the disease. In addition, the Aloe-Vera supplement has also increased the working capacity of the liver.

Now get rid of expensive kidney dialysis

The growing number of kidney patients is a difficult challenge for medical science. Allopathic kidney dialysis is not only expensive for patients but is also carries the threat of side effects. For the convenience of patients and with the wondrous signs of improvement form Aloe Vera in kidney diseases the research department will start the second phase of trial. Aloe Vera consumption definitely promises a healthy future for humans.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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  1. My son is 30 years old, he has a problem of recurrance of calcium oxylate stone forming continuously since 13 years. He was not taking sufficient due to his job profile. Recently his creatinine is 1.5. Pl advise whether he can take Aloevera gel.What quantitu can be given & till what time. I will appreciate your immediate guideline. Thanks.

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