Female infertility, its causes and treatment

More than 6 million women in United States of America suffers from the problem of infertility.According to the report given by Centers of Disease Control states that its one third of the time is due to female infertility and one third of the time is due to  male infertility for the couples who are not able to bear children.And the remaining part is due to the combination of lack of certain abilities in both man and woman.


female infertility causes
Female infertility

There are  various conditions which are responsible for female fertility.There are certain situations where female fertility arises due to medical conditions which causes damage of Fallopian tubes,hormonal complication and ovulation problem.

Causes of female infertility

Hormonal Problem

The whole process of ovulation depends on the correct working of hormones in the body.There are many problems which can halt the working of hormones some of the are:

1. Eggs production failure

There are times when the ovaries are not able to produce normal follicles which aids in eggs maturation. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a disorder which causes problem in ovulation and fertilization of eggs.This disorder is caused due to decrease in production of FSH and increase in the generation of hormones such as testosterone, and oestrogen.

2. Hypothalamus and pituitary gland failure

Hypothalamus is the portion of brain which is responsible for sending the signals to pituitary gland which forwards those signals to ovaries to initiate the process of eggs maturation and fertilization.In 20 percent of the cases of female infertility the hypothalamus is unable to send those signals thus results in immaturation of eggs.

Pituitary gland is responsible for the generation of FSH and LH hormones in the body.If they do not work properly then there are chances which led to female infertility.Pituitary gland failure can be due to any injury, tumor or any chemical imbalance.

Uterine fibroid

Fibroid tumors is one of the causes of female infertility.This condition is found mostly in women who are at 30 years of age.The tumors tends to block the fallopian tube or damage the shape of uterine cavity and changes the position of cervix.These all factors lead to female infertility.

1. Pelvic inflammatory diseases

One of the major cause of female infertility is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.It is caused by the  bacteria which enters into the pelvic region of the body and affects the appendix, some portions of intestine and reproductive organs. PID may be caused due to various conditions such as damaged appendix, abortions which are non sterile  pelvic tuberculosis and Chlamydia trachomatis(which is a sexually transmitted disease).

2. Endometriosis

30 percent of the infertility cases in women is due to endometriosis.It is a condition which hinders the ability to conceive in women.It is noncancerous condition in which the cells which lie in the uterus lining grows to other part of the body causing inconsistent bleeding and intensive pain.

3. Premature menopause

Premature menopause refers to the condition where the follicles starts depleting before the age of 40 years.It is often followed by irregular periods.Premature infertility is caused due to  many reasons such as deficiencies in adrenal, thyroid and pituitary gland,genetic disorder, and chemotherapy.

Female infertility causes and treatment
Female infertility causes and treatment


Treatment for female infertility

Infertility is a very serious disorder which causes inability in women to conceive child. There are effective treatments which are easily available.To start with any kind of therapy it is essential to find out the real cause of female infertility.

Various medications such as clomiphene citrate can be given to stimulate the ovulation process and also to regulate the menstrual cycle, in case if there is problem with menstruation.

There are chances where malfunction of immune system occurs,but it only happens in very rare cases and need much complex treatment.

Laparoscopy can be done to open up the blocked and damage fallopian tubes caused by pelvic inflammatory disease.If an intensive blockage exists then more high tech treatment is required.

In cases where the reason of female infertility is difficult to find vitro fertilization is done where eggs produces from women’s ovaries are fused with man’s sperms in laboratory.As a result the embryo is then transferred to women’s uterus.

Hystroscopy is done to remove the fibroid tumors and to open up the blocked fallopian tubes.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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