Anxiety Treatment: Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is perhaps becoming the most common disorder among people these days, Earlier it was thought that only middle aged or elderly people suffer from anxiety, but this nervous disorder is very frequently seen in younger people also, even children are also not spared form anxiety. Markets are filled with anti depressant medicines, but some of the medicines cause many side effects, like nausea, dizziness, sexual disorder and many more. However if one changes his/ her lifestyle a little bit they can avoid these anti depressant and cure anxiety and depression and offer themselves a very healthy and active life.

Here we bring to you some of the natural ways to cure and get rid of anxiety.

Herbs for Anxiety Treatment

Treatment for Anxiety

1. Pranayam (Breathing Exercise)

Deep breathing helps to stimulate the nervous system a lot. Deep Breathing helps lungs take the much needed oxygen that we do not take in normal course of life. The extra oxygen that you inhale helps in relieving and energizing  the Brain and bring it to calm.

Have you ever noticed that when you take a long breath after a run to get control of breaths, and then you feel relaxed…!!! Likewise, Deep Breathing if practiced regularly help the Brain and Nervous System in that way only 🙂

2. Caffeine Reduction

Reduce the intake of caffeine immediately, avoid it at any cost, say no to carbonated drinks, cola, Tea ,Coffee, instead opt for fresh lime juice, orange juice and natural fruit drinks, it will work wonder

3. Ayurvedic Herbs

Herbs like Jatamasi (Spikenard) , Tagara (Valerian root ) if taken also helps in soothing the Brain and bring it to relax. Take these ancient Indian Herbs by proper consultation from you doctor only. Herbs must be taken according to individual body types and proper medical consultation only.

4. No Sugar

People often stuck from anxiety take sweets, sugary snacks etc, avoid it. And also avoid late night meals and snacks, instead take a glass of warm milk with Haldi (Turmeric) with little Gud (Jaggery) or no Jaggery before going to bed.

These are some of the tips for curing and treating Anxiety. A Good, Small and Simple lifestyle change always bring benefits to your health. Try it, its not that difficult to inculcate a good habits 🙂



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