Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss

When we are over weight, its very difficult to adjust with every thing. First thing is our cloth, we can’t wear those cloth which we like because they are not of our size. Many time we feel little bit embarrassment when we are between society because of our over weight. Over weight also makes us lazy . Due to overweight we suffer from many disease like diabetes, heart problems, Liver Diseases & many more. These are not enough difficulties which a over weight person face in his or her daily life. If you are a over weight person  i know you very well aware about your daily problems. Below you can check out some Ayurvedic tips for weight loss.

Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss:

  • Take 1 cup of warm boiled water & add  juice of 1/2 lemon & a Tablespoon of honey & drink it early morning when you wake up.

  • Avoid to eat those food which contain fat & sugar in high level.

  • Drink as much as water you can regularly.

  • Do exercise regularly 0r go to gym.

  • Avoid to eat those product which are made of milk  because they contain fat in high level.


  • Try to change your eating habits, don’t eat every time. Only eat at the of breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Take 15 ml of this kashayam and mix it in 60 ml boiled and cooled water after that add a Tablespoon of honey on it. Take this mixtures  early morning & evening in empty stomach. After that lie down to your left side immediately after taking this for 15 minutes. On getting up, drink a glass of warm water.

  • Do yoga regularly for weight loss. If you don’t know  how to do yoga then go for yoga class 0r any other  source which is more  suitable for you. Yoga will help you in weight loss if you do it regularly.


  • Eat more fruits & vegetables & low calories food.
  • Try to walk as much as you can everyday.
  • Make a habit of not drinking water when you take your breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  • Use spices like ginger,  black pepper, cinnamon, etc in your daily. Spices will help you in loosing weight.

  • Avoid eating rice & potatoes. It increase your body fat.



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