15 Benefits And Uses Of Aloe Vera for Hair Skin and General Health

Aloe Vera- the plant considered as “Plant of Immortality” by the Egyptians is used in number of beauty and health products. Let’s note few of the various benefits of Aloe Vera juice.

Aloe Vera juice and gel is used in numerous medicinal, cosmetic and heath treatments. We will discuss every aspect here in this article.

Magical Benefits of Aloe Vera
Magical Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for General Health:

Aloe Vera for General Health
Aloe Vera for General Health

1. Cure Severe Digestive Problem

Drinking Aloe Vera juice can help in treating severe digestive problems. Aloe Vera can be a good relief in case of heart reflux and also assist in stabilizing the alkaline levels of the body. Due to its laxative properties, it is also good for constipation.

2. Maintaining Cholesterol Level

Aloe-Vera is excellent for maintaining the cholesterol level of the body by reducing triglycerides. Inclusion of fresh Aloe juice in daily diet lowers bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. 3. Applying freshly prepared Aloe-gel externally can ease muscle and joint pains.

4. Relief in Irritating Bowel Syndrome

Use Aloe-Vera for curing bowel problems as it has high anti-inflammatory properties that help in its treatment.

5. Curing Arthritis

If you are suffering from inflammation in the body like rheumatism, inflammation of ears or eyes and arthritis, drink Aloe juice for two weeks, it reduces the problem.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Beauty And Skin:

Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin
Aloe Vera Benefits for Skin

Aloe Vera is suitable for all skin types including highly sensitive skin. It is the most common remedy for nearly every skin problems.

6. Anti Aging

The anti ageing property of Aloe keeps the skin supple, rejuvenated and lightens blemishes too.

7. Clear Skin

From moisturizing the skin and getting relieve from dead cells, wrinkles or fine lines, Aloe-Vera also helps in getting rid of stretch marks.

8. After Shave Gel

Use Aloe-Vera gel as an after shave. It reduces irritation or inflammation of the skin and heals the cuts occurred due to shaving.

9. Acne Pimple and Scar Removal

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular natural remedy for curing acne, pimples and scars. Its antimicrobial property helps killing bacteria-causing acne and reduces acne marks by lightening the skin.

10. Relief in Sun Burn

Aloe Vera gel is highly beneficial for treating sun burns. It’s an excellent cooling agent. Apply fresh gel on your skin everyday to get immediate results.

11. Antiseptic

Moreover, it heals cuts, wounds, dermatitis and also insect bites when applied externally.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Hair:

Aloe Vera For Hairs
Aloe Vera For Hairs

Aloe Vera is useful for all hair types, especially for dry and damaged hair. Regular use of Aloe Vera as a hair packs makes your hairs smooth, soft and damage-free.

12. Removal of Dead Skin

Aloe Vera is rich in proteolitic enzymes which help to remove dead skin that clogs the pores of the scalp and hinders new hair follicles to grow. Accretion of excessive sebum on the scalp can lead to hair problems like partial baldness and more. Aloe gel reduces sebum-making and cleans and promotes hair growth.

13. Hair Moisturizer

Aloe Vera has alkaline properties which help to maintain pH level of scalp and hair. It also retains the natural moisture of the hairs.

14. Removing Dandruff

Due to its property of enzymatic breakdown of skin cells and anti fungal properties, Aloe Vera is widely used as a treatment for dandruff from the scalp. It also heals scalp diseases like psoriasis & seborrhoea.

15. Hair Conditioner

Add 2 teaspoons of fresh Aloe gel into your daily conditioner and use it on regular basis. This would enhance the moisturizing properties of the conditioner and would deeply hydrate your hair leaving it soft and smooth.

Get Gorgeous With Aloe Vera
Get Gorgeous With Aloe Vera

So, now be ready to look more radiant and beautiful with Aloe-Vera Uses. You will love to get compliments from your loved ones!!

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