Tips to Cool off your Summers and Stay Protected from UV Rays

Summers are here and no doubt it brings back the memories of our beloved 2 months vacations and lot of hot days. Last year was recorded as one of the hottest years and the same suit is going to be followed this year, hence this summer will be heavy this time if not thought properly.

So whether you are travelling or inside your home, we will help you with few of our tips to stay cool and enjoy this summer.

So to start with what’s the first problem we see in Summer???

Of course,”It’s the scorching heat

Sunny Days During Summers
Sunny Days During Summers

How to Protect from Summer and Heat-Stroke

1. Keep Hydrated

So how much fluid does the average, healthy adult living in a temperate climate need?

The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for

  • Men is roughly about 13 cups (3 litres) of total beverages per day
  • Women is about 9 cups (2.2 litres) of total beverages per day

When we say fluid, it includes juices also. We would recommend consuming more of seasonal juices like Mango, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Papaya, Sweet Lime ( mousambi), Coconut Water (Juices recipe and how to make it interesting for Kids, is here in my next article).

Juices to Take During Summers
Juices to Take During Summers

You can try to consume more of green tea, than the normal tea during summer days (and make it simple by brewing it yourself – just boil the water and use tea-bags).

2. Protection from UV ray

This is a problem which we face throughout the year. But it reaches its peak during summer.


First and easiest solution to this problem is, start wearing covered clothes (full sleeves, light stocking or socks if you are wearing open style footwear). If your closest consist of more short and sleeveless stuff, you don’t need to spend on a new set of clothing. You can smartly choose a summer jacket and wear it with any of your attire.

Summer Jackets for UV Rays Protection
Summer Jackets for UV Rays Protection


Don’t forget to cover your hair. Hair is one of the things which are neglected and gets affected most due to harmful UV ray of Sun. Use scarf or hat for covering your head.

3. Cover Your Eyes and Lips

Use Shades to cover your eyes. Lips are another part, which we neglect. Keep your lips moist and you can use tomato juice ones in a week over your lips.

4. Invest in Good Quality Sunscreen

Only clothing won’t help you from UV rays. So you have to consider buying a good sunscreen, with good SPF and both UVA and UVB blocking ingredients.

You can choose a sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF for Indian summers. The more the SPF, the more hours you get to be outside. Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving your house or office. Application of Sunscreen should be followed as a daily routine and if possible twice a day without fail, whether you are going outside or not. Don’t invest in sunscreen seeing the commercials, cheaper and more effective options are available in medical store like melascreen, Sunblock etc.  In fact, most of the commercial brands are of no use.

Choose to use homemade anti-tan face packs and hair pack ones a week for a complete solution. Homemade packs are easily available in your kitchen and quick recipe for your beloved skin and hair. It also ensures a chemical free solution. Make sure to know your skin and hair type before selecting on your packs.

Interesting Summertime Activites to Pursue

One often tends to feel lethargic during summers. So to kick off the summertime laziness, and lethargic feeling by engaging yourself in some summer activities. Due to the high temperature, we prefer to stay home or you can plan a good vacation. In fact, one of the best time to go for vacation.  If don’t have enough time for vacations, you can plan a Zoo trip with the family, some flower show, circus etc you many options to opt from.

Outdoor Activities for Summers
Outdoor Activities for Summers
  1. Zoo trip with the family
  2. Flower show
  3. Circus
  4. Join a social club
  5. Take walk in morning and evening
  6. Go stargazing, we bet you will enjoy the stars at night and might see a shooting star 🙂
  7. Explore your own hometown
  8. Take a family road trip

If you are planning your day inside the home, make it an interesting one. Summer days inside a home are very refreshing. You can think of any of your hobbies and start off with that.

  1. Pick a good book fro the shelf, treat for your eyes and mind.
  2. Watch some good movie. In short, make it a good relaxing and entertaining day.
  3. Indulge in craftwork at home
  4. Meditation
  5. Yoga
  6. Make your own ice cream, a delicious way to engage in summers at home

Stick to fresh eating, juices, salad and quick bites during summers.

How to plan for a day for guilt free and active day?

Wake up early in morning. Cause if you get up late and it’s already sunny, you may not feel that enthusiastic for the start itself. Remember it is going to be sunny throughout, so you may get bored easily.

So start around 5.30 or 6.00 in the morning.

Activities for Summer
Activities for Summer

Routine to Follow During Summers

  1. Drink some water, and just start with light activity– may be watering plants or light exercise/yoga or best swimming before UV rays hit on.
  2. Get a good fresh breakfast (never skip this in summer days).  You can read a book/newspaper or jut spent quality time with your family along with breakfast.
  3. Either take shower early in morning, when you wake up
  4. If you are going to the office (then follow the above precautions). Inside the home, just sunscreen is enough. If staying at home as discussed earlier you can take up your hobby or read a book.
  5. In between 12.00 to 1.30 finish your lunch. You can include buttermilk as part of lunch.
  6. Get some rest
  7. By evening you can have green tea, a light breakfast or just munch on some fruits. Make it interesting, make a fruit chat.
  8. Summer evenings are fun. Go for a walk in the garden or spend time in outdoor gardening.
  9. If you have pets, take them for a walk.
  10. Finish your dinner and get an early sleep. Good sleep is always advised during summers.

For a nice sleep, make sure your house is cool and good ventilation is there. House cooling can be done using cooler/AC, or in traditional way planting some indoor plants/using some window shading-glazing etc. Always keep a bottle of water beside your bed and drink as often as possible.

In case medical attention is required, visit your doctor at earliest. Same goes for your pets, best spray tick medicine as a precaution on your pets. Summers are equally hot for your pets, so take care of them too.
At last keep yourself hydrated and make it a well-spent summer. Summers are sunny, but gives you a chance to enjoy indoor or just a chance for a good vacation.

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