Best exercises during pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy needs some good pregnancy exercises.A pregnant women must exercise for 30 minutes daily.Though pregnancy exercise also has certain precautions to follow.

Exercise during pregnancy not only boosts mod, improves sleep but also reduces pregnancy pains and aches.

Here are some of the best pregnancy exercises :

1)Walking- Beginners can start from walking.Walking is a great workout for muscles and aerobic fitness.This is the most basic form of  exercise.It provides a good workout for lungs and legs.

2)Yoga-Most of the pregnant women practice yoga and they find it so relaxing that they continue it even after child birth.For an easy labor it is necessary to be flexible and balanced.Yoga helps you control stress.

3)Swimming-It is one of the most beneficial exercise which not only improves the cardio-vascular functioning but also increases muscle strength, build endurance, helps coping with emotional challenges linked to pregnancy.

4)Kegels- Kegels are mainly meant for pregnancy.It strengthen the kegel muscle which helps during labor.It is an easy way to build the muscle’s strength.

“The information present here is for general purpose,please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy.”

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