Exotic plants to accessorise your home

If growing plants is your hobby and you are bored of growing the usual roses, lilies and sunflowers then it is definitely a time for a change.Khushroo Dubash’s Orchids Etc is making it happen by offering  some exotic and rare varieties of plants for your home.

Deepa Mordani of Orchid’s Etc says “Many of these varieties are used a in broad and are unknown in India, Mr.Dubash who has been a hobbyist for the last 20 yrs wanted to change this attitude so we bring this service.”

The new venture is a one year contract  which offers  the service that people from Orchids Etc visit your home and give you advice  about the plants and their suitable place to be kept.The cost of the single plant ranges from Rs. 450 to Rs.4500 per month depending on how much rare it is.

Mordani further says “All the plants we offer suit Mumbai’s humid climate and can survive indoors for long.A little sunlight and two cups of water is needed daily.” If people want to maintain the plants themselves then they are given those instructions also on how to take care of the plants.

Rare species  of plants such as anthuriums,Bromeliads, dendrobium and phalaenopsis are available.Dendrobium is that specie of plant that blooms twice a year for 3-4 weeks, anthurium is a tropical flower forund in rain forests and bromeliads is the flower of pineapple family.

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