Biceps Workout: Alternate Hammer Curl

The Most desired muscle which a man wants after abs is strong and muscular Biceps, which in fact are not easy to build. One has to show persistent determination to build  strong and muscular Biceps.

Here are some Good Dumbbell Exercises listed below to improve the shape as well as size of the Biceps.

Alternate Hammer Curl


One of the most basic exercise which in a lot of cases is wrongly done.

  • While doing the exercise always remember to upright your torso. One could get a muscle strain in the back if proper precautions are not taken.
  •  The dumbbell should be held at the full arms length in both hands. Palms should face in front.
  •  To make the movement accurate always keep your elbows near your torso. Hold the Dumbbells in both the hands.
  • When doing the exercise keep your upper portion of the hands i.e. above the elbow at one same stationery position and then curl the hand below the elbow i.e. from the fore arms till your shoulder. Do the exercise in same motion using both the hands alternately.
  • Dumbbells should reach till the shoulder. The contraction of  the muscle should be felt in one’s arm. Keep the biceps contracted for two seconds when they reach near the shoulder.
  •  Release your breath while lifting the weight up and should be taken in while moving the hand down.
  • Number of reps can differ and are subjected to the intensity of the exercise done by any individual.

Hammer Curl

The pattern of the exercise should remain same in Hammer Curl except for the fact that both the hands in this Exercise will move simultaneously.

standing hammer curl

Standing hammer curl

Proper care should be taken to avoid injuries.



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