Makeup blunders; common beauty errors

Just to look beautiful you must have spend lot of money for makeup products, but it is very important to know the correct technique of applying makeup. Makeup blunders are very common which instead of giving beautiful looks makes you a fashion disaster. Know the best makeup techniques and eliminate the common errors.

Makeup blonders
Makeup blunders
  • Over application of foundation

Just to look more fairer most of the women apply more that required foundation layers, this makes the face dark and patchy instead of fair. Therefore always apply required quantity of foundation which matches your skin tonne. If your skin is oily then use oil free foundation and if it is dry then opt for moisturized foundation.

  • Over use of light cleanser

Most of the women apply light colored cleansers avoiding their skin tonne. This damages the natural color of the skin. Always remember to choose one shade light cleanser according to your skin.

  • Choosing wrong lip liner
Beauty errors
Beauty errors

Always try to pay attention to your lip color and then choose lip liner. Avoid using lip liners darker than the lip tonne. If you have rough lips them apply lip balms before using liners, this will make your lips soft and wet and it will become easy to apply lip makeup afterward.

  • Wrong application of eye liners

Applying wrong eye liners are negatively effect the eyes. It is very important to take proper care while applying eye makeup. If you don’t know how to apply liquid liner then opt for pencil liners as a small risk can be dangerous for eyes. Always apply liner from outer to inner side it will give a perfect shape to the eyes.

  • Using dark shades
Makeup tips
Makeup tips

Using dark makeup shades like lipstick, eye shadow, blusher etc not always looks good. At times it gives an ugly look to you. Always apply light or natural makeup during day time. You can opt for dark shades on special occasions like parties, marriages etc.

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