Black tea helps in fat cutting:health benefits & weight loss tips

Loosing that extra pounds are not a easy task you have to keep in mind certain things.Look out that you do not add milk in your daily tea or you will gain more weight.

According to the latest study tea contains a special compound that help to decreases the amount of fat but the protein present in cow’s milk make this compound ineffective.

Researches says that when tea is mixed with milk it becomes ineffectual and rather increases your weight.That means that the protein present in the milk is not useful to those who wants to shed their weight.

It is recommended to consume tea without milk.Black tea will definitely help in weight reduction process if milk is eliminated. Black tea has effective weight loss effect.It not only helps a person to get rid of extra ponds but is very essential in curing diseases connected to heart,kidney,lungs and other important organs.

It also help in decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also contains antibacterial properties which reduces he risk of tooth decay.

By drinking black tea regularly body is able to burn fats and calories more easily and quickly.Actually it obstruct the fattening effect of carbohydrates.Black tea also helps in soothing stress and tiredness as it recovers the body from exhaustion.It also increases the rate of metabolism and contains many health benefits to.

So start eliminating milk from your tea from today and divert yourself to a regular intake of black tea if you want to shed weight and be healthy at the same time.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication”





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  2. Hi Ramya,

    You can surely add sugar to your Black Tea in small amount…Don’t make your Tea tasteless but try to evolve your taste with time 🙂

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