Body behavior at different stages:weak & unhealthy body symptoms

Hectic routine and feeble eating habits give birth to unhealthy body.stress and weakness surrounds you from all sides which make it impossible to work properly and energetically.

Before knowing the remedies one should be aware of the symptoms of weakness developing inside the body.
Here are some symptoms which occurs due to tiredness or weakness in the body.:

Your body is very sensitive it needs proper care and attention.Small mistake can lead to a big trouble therefore it is very necessary to understand the signs of unhealthiness in the body.As it is rightly said prevention is the first step towards cure.
1.Less sleep
2.Problem in stomach.

3.Skin leaving foul smell
4.Excess building of fat.
5.feeling uncomfortable after eating something.

6.Get irritated most often.
7.Wrinkles or swelling around eyes.
8.Bad health.
9.loosing interest in day to day work.

10.Angry behavior.
They are some of the signs of unhealthiness of body which are common in most of the people now a days.First understand your behavior towards life and then start reacting for it.

Try adding milk in your daily diet,must eat fruits daily especially mangoes.They will provide essential nutrients which will help you in maintaining good health and fitness.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication”


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