Liquid intake can help in loosing more weight

A new formula is found for loosing those extra pounds.Those who had experimented all the tricks for shedding their fat can test a new research now.

According to a new study by drinking one or two glasses of water just before the meals can bring a tremendous change on your body fat.It is said that this trick is one of the prime way to control fat and results can be seen very soon.

Researches says that is is the fastest method of loosing weight.It makes you feel less hungry with the result you eat less and quit fat more.

If anyone repeat this habit thrice a day he/she can loose¬† more than 5 pounds of weight within some time than those who don’t.Slowly the intake of water can be increased one the comfortable level is achieved.

But in addition to this you have to cut your calories intake.Involve yourself in eating healthy food and less amount of junk foods.There must a limit for consuming water which is maximum 3  small glasses for females and 6 small glasses for men.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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