Cake cutting and icing tips; egg-less cake recipe

Delicious and yummy cakes are loved by every age group.Cakes are always linked with high calories which means increase in weight,but calories are not the only thing present in cakes they contains some health benefits to.Here are some of the tasty cake cutting and icing tips take a look below.

Perfect cake presentation
Perfect cake presentation

Tips for a perfect cake presentation;

  1. If you want to use fruits for icing the cake always add honey for the coating it not only gives a pleasing presentation but also adds taste to it.
  2. For icing the cake first mix the butter well then add sugar powder and again mix it.If you will grind both of them together then the smooth effect icing will not come.
  3. If you don’t like the cream icing then spread the coating of honey above the cake and then pour dry fruits in it.
  4. For cutting the perfect pieces of cake take the help of hot knife.It will easily and smoothly make the cake soft and help in cutting the equal pieces.
  5. For keeping the cake fresh for a longer time keep it in a air tight container with sugar cubes.
  6. For smooth icing you can also add little amount of baking powder in the mixture of butter and sugar.This will help the to keep the icing layer perfect and eliminate the sticking of cake particles to it.

The half journey of making a dish is completed if its presentation is appealing.It should be kept in mind that your cake must be well served and its looks should compel everybody to take a bite at once.

Recipe of egg-less cooker cake.

Egg-less cooker cake
Egg-less cooker cake

You don’t have an oven? Not a big problem,it is not at all necessary to always have an oven for baking cakes.Here we present an easy and less time consuming cooker cake recipe.

Material- 2 table spoon milk,5 table spoon condensed milk,5 table spoon butter,1 cup white wheat flour,1 tea spoon baking powder,1/2 little amount of sweet soda.

Method- Grind butter and condensed milk together.Now add flour,baking powder and sweet soda together and filter them. Mix the condensed milk and butter batter to the filtered  mixture and shuffle them in a bowl on the same side.Keep on adding little amount of milk in between.Now pour sand inside the cooker up-to 2 inch and put it to get warm on the gas.Keep the mixture in a greased baking tray and put it inside the cooker for 40 minutes.After cooling down decorate it with chocolate sauce.


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