Rosewater & glycerin benefits;home-made tips

Rosewater and glycerin are the most useful and essential products since long time.They are also regarded as the important element for women.They are also used in various lotions and beauty products and provides various benefits for the skin.

Rosewater & glycerin benefits
Rosewater & glycerin benefits

Various cosmetics products which includes glycerin and rosewater are-

  1. Cleanser
  2. toner
  3. moisturizer
  4. face creams
  5. skin aging creams and,
  6. lip glosses

Rosewater is an anti-allergic product which clears up the skin tone and helps in reducing various skin problems like pimples,acne,black or white heads etc.Where as glycerin comes from pure vegetable oil which contains soothing and lubricating properties.It is an anti-bacterial element as it kills all the bacteria by drawing out water from them.It is a boon for children skin and can be used as a hair protector.

Rosewater and glycerin home-made tips;

These two products can be used in various ways to reduce any problem related to the skin.Here are some home-made packs which are prepared with the help of rosewater and glycerin mixed with other home products.

  • Astringent- take 2 table spoon olive oil and mix same amount of rosewater and glycerin to it.Apply on the face,this works as an effective astringent for the face.
  • Lip gloss- take 1/4 cup wax add 1/4 cup Castor oil,2 table spoon sesame oil and little amount of beetroot juice in it.If possible boil the wax on a double boiler.If double boiler is not available then boil it in a utensil full of water.Once the wax gets melted take it out and add oil to it.Add juice according to your preference,Keep it on jar and add any essence oil for the scent.Apply on the lips a s gloss.
  • Marks of maggot pimples-Prepare a paste of baking soda and water.Apply the paste for 15 minutes on the face,for washing the face take 1 cup water and add 1/2 spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • Antiseptic effect- Take tea tree oil add small amount of turmeric,mint leaves,basil and garlic to it.Apply the mixture on the pimples affected area.

Regular use of rosewater and glycerin is very beneficial for skin.They are easily available and contain natural healing properties.These natural remedies will help in making your skin more glowing and away from allergies.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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  1. If your complication is dry, chapped or damaged skin,
    know that Argan oil, once more, is your pal. Its linoleic acid and polyphynol content also help reduce soreness and inflammation caused by eczema and psoriasis by acting as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agents.
    Whenwver you have too doo your skikn care regimen, you need
    to have the required things on hand.

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