Cause of burning sensation in eyes

The sensation of burning in eyes can be caused due to many reasons.Burning sensation is often followed by painful,watery eyes and you find difficult to open your eyes in light.That is, your eyes become sensitive to light.Sometimes dryness in eyes can also cause burning sensations.Other causes include allergies and conjunctivitis(which causes inflammation of the lining of eyelids caused due to infection).

When the blood vessels in  the white part of the eye  becomes disturbed or dilated, it causes burning sensation.

Here are some causes for burning sensation in eyes:

1)Acute Glaucoma- The disease is one of the reason for burning of eyes.Acute glaucoma causes a feel of pressure on eyes and it worsens after sometime.It also cause vision disturbances, do not ignore theses symptoms  and consult your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

2)Subconjunctival Haemorrhage- Too much strain on eyes also causes burning of eyes. Subconjunctival Haemorrhag is a condition of eyes in which the white part of eyes called sclera becomes red and is followed by strong burning sensation in eyes.This condition is not very serious and  is cured itself after some days or giving appropriate rest to your eyes.

3)Allergies- Allergies are caused due to entrance of foreign body particle or dust particle inside eyes or any reaction caused by some medicine.This causes burning sensation in eyes.The chemicals present in cosmetics,smoke particles from fire or  air pollution causes burning in eyes.

4)Eye infections- Infections like conjunctivitis,ulcers and blepharitis causes eye burning sensations. Eye infection are often associated with inflammation along lining of eyelids, itching in eyes,eyes discharge, and pain.

Splash cold water on your eyes for instant relief.Rose water is also good for relieving the burning sensation in eyes, as it soothes the eye membranes.Drops of aloe vera juice is also beneficial for burning eyes.Get a good hot shower in morning and massage your eyelids after it.This therapy increases the blood circulation around eyes.

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