Do you find difficult to control your anger?

Are you habitual to short temper? Are you the one who cannot control your anger sometimes and regret about the losses after it.Then you need to work on some procedures to help you understand the situation before you loose your temper.Anger is a human emotion which is healthy and normal for survival.But it can be dangerous, if goes uncontrolled.

To become angry is quite natural, even positive people get into bad moods often.But the thing to be kept in mind is not to loose yourself in anger that you hurt anyone or yourself.The first step is to know the real cause of your short temper nature.Incomplete sleep,stress,headache,breathing faster,feeling clammy or self doubt occupies your mind makes you so uncomfortable that you speak aggressively or rudely to other people.

The simple strategy is to make your mind feel free and not to act on every situation you feel to change or not under your control.

Here are some tips to keep your anger under control:

1)Taker deep breathe to cool down instantly.A slow deep breathe helps you diminishing your anger.Let fresh air to reach your mind.

2)Be real, do not fake or pretend to be some other person.Pretending often makes you annoyed and restless and you feel like crying all the time.Be open and tell that you are not in good mood if someone asks for your rough nature.

3)Try to shift your focus on some other works or things that makes you feel delighted and happy.Try to change the story of your mind.Move on and accept the reality.

4)Smile overshadow all the negative aspects of the situation.Smile is the best tool to defuse tense situations and feel lighter.

5)Use your senses to get calm and less stressed.Such as  if you like listening to music or watching movie that make you feel good helps reducing the level of anger.

6)As soon as you feel that you are going to blow, start counting to ten.If you feel that does not helps, start the counting again .The counting therapy makes you feel relaxed and calms your anger.

7)Go to a long walk outside.Practice meditation or yoga to relax your senses.

8)Avoid the situations and places that make you feel stressed or dull.Look around yourself and the daily activities and ignore those that tend to trigger anger inside you.It could be certain person, or traffic or some hours of the day.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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