Causes of vaginal discharge before periods

From the age of puberty all females experience a vaginal discharge or white discharge before periods.It is a normal phenomenon and generally ends during the menopause.The amount of vaginal discharge vary from one women to other.It depends on the hormonal level changes  in the body.The vaginal discharge consist of a white colored liquid and bacteria.

vaginal discharge causes

This white colored liquid and bacteria is good for vagina.The liquid that flows out of vagina keeps it healthy and clean.Normally the discharge is white in color or transparent.It is odorless without any itching sensation.However the amount and flow of discharge can differ during the process of menstruation.You could also experience increase and thick discharge before your period begins.

Causes of vaginal discharge before periods:

  • The color of the normal vaginal discharge is white or transparent as explained earlier.Sometimes the women may experience thick discharge  during the period of ovulation because during ovulation the estrogen level starts increasing in the body,which allow the glands of cervix to secrete a clear and sticky liquid.This discharge at the beginning and end of the menstruation cycle is normal.
  • You should regularly monitor the discharge,any itching or burning sensation during the discharge may be the indication of infection.Change in color of discharge is also a matter of concern.If you have brown color discharge then it can be the indication of health related problem such as polyps(present in inner lining of vagina).Bleeding in polyps changes the color of  vaginal discharge which is not white or transparent.
  • Intake of contraceptive pill may also be the reason of brown color discharge. If your discharge is other than brown in color such as either yellow or green accompanied by foul odor then it is surely the indication of severe infection and you should get it checked from your doctor.
  • Sometimes the blood becomes old and it looks brown in color.This may be one of the reason for brown color vaginal discharge.Abnormal discharge may be caused due to certain STDs such as trichnomoniasis,Gonorrhea or Chlamydia.

Causes of vaginal discharge before periods

It is very important that you maintain a proper hygiene and keep your private parts clean to prevent from any kind of infection.Doctors advise that cleaning the genital parts with soap and water is very useful.Also avoid lotions or scented soaps,do not wear tight fitted jeans or pantyhose.Remove the hairs around your genital area to prevent any kind of infection or rashes.Wear comfortable cotton underwear during summers to avoid any kind of irritation.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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